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Tips - How To Can Vegetables 

Points on Packing:

Raw pack. Pack cold raw vegetables (except corn, lima beans, and peas) tightly into container and cover with boiling water.

Hot pack. Preheat vegetables in water or steam. Cover with cooking liquid or boiling water. Cooking liquid or boiling water. Cooking liquid is recommended for packing most vegetables because it may contain minerals and vitamins dissolved out of the food. Boiling water is recommended when cooking liquid is dark, gritty or strong-flavored and when there isn’t enough cooking liquid.

How to Check Canning Jars:

The first step in home canning should take place long before food and equipment are assembled and ready to go. Jars and other supplies should be checked prior to the canning session. In that way, you can replace damaged supplies and purchase new ones to avoid costly delays or inconvenience.

Here are some tips to help you.

Choosing Mason Jars. Check all jars, rings and lids carefully. Discard any with nicks or cracks in top sealing edge and threads that may prevent airtight seals. Rings should be free of dents or rust. Select the size of closures – wide mouth or regular – that fits your jar. Wash jars in hot, soapy water and rinse well. Then place in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Keep jar in hot water until ready to use. Boil lid according to package directions.

Closing Glass Jars. Always wipe jar rim clean after food product is packed. Place lid on jar with button side up. Screw rings on firmly, but don’t force. Do not re-tighten rings after processing or cooling.

A lid that snaps down and clicks as the jar cools, providing visible proof of sealing, called Magic Button ® is made by Owens-Illinois. Its red button pops up when the seal is broken. The Magic Mason jars that go with the special lids have metric measurements as well as customary U.S. measurements molded on the side. These can be hard to find at times so we also recommend using Ball mason jars. Ball makes a wide variety of different sized jars and they are quite inexpensive.

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